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Voodoo Pharmacology, formed in 2007, is the creative partnership of James Von Lenz and Joshua Lilly, and is one of the first bands to be played on MyRuralRadio.com back in early 2008.

The band is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Their sound and line-up have changed over the years, and as of late, they have been working on music described as "Psychedelic Americana." They are known for their theatrical live performances and unorthodox subject matter in songs.

Headliners at the 2014 MyRuralRadio.com Fall Fest Six, the band blew the crowd away with their original songs and treated everyone's ears to their unique interpretation of a few covers.

Voodoo Pharmacology is currently recording their third album. Be sure to 'like' them on facebook for show dates and a release date of the upcoming project!



Radio Testimonials of the Coming Apocalypse: Voodoo Pharmacolagy destroys the world

BALTIMORE- Voodoo Pharmacology does it again with Radio Testimonials of the Coming Apocalypse.

Their latest album weaves a dreamy dystopia where grinding chords meet exotic drones. RTotCA gets experimental without going completely mad scientist and losing some of the sound that makes Baltimore's Voodoo Pharmacology unique.

"Rooftop Samsara" is a twisted big tent revival long after society collapsed. Weaving exctatic chants and hymnals, the real "Voodoo" kicks in with crunchy cords, tight picking and signature deep, dark vocals to rain fire and brimstone on nonbelievers.

About that picking: Voodoo Pharmacology threads plucked banjo (or mandolin) in a few songs to great and distinct effect. In "Asphalt and Tumbleweeds," the picking is front and center. Without getting twangy, they give the track an almost western sound. In "Pilgrim's Moon," the picking is present but sharp notes give an almost Irish folk feel to it, evoking caravans over foggy moonlit moors.

"The Fanaid Grove" takes that theme a little further with a short, beautiful solo by a female vocalist who is at once hopeful and mournful for a future that will not be.

"MayFly" is a powerful funeral durge for the end of civilization. If the world ends, I hope it sounds like this.

RTofCA subtly stalks you on the horizon like hungry wolves and then rushes in with the fury of mad highway bandits. If Firefly had this soundtrack, it might still be running. It's that good.


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