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Viking Moses - June 2010

The VIKING MOSES was initiated by Southern Missourian Brendon Massei in 2003. The band has a dynamic, rotating cast of both established and obscure musicians worldwide, and is currently based in Northern Appalachia (USA).

More strait forward rock/soul than weird/folk as most of their contemporaries seem to be marketed, Viking Moses’ recordings are very accessible in convention, though live shows normally tend to have an unconventional approach, being hosted in unorthodox venues, often having assembled bands night-of, using members of support bands or strangers in the audience.

Both aspects are delivered with utmost soul, passion, and humility, and always offer fans and strangers an experience which is unique and often contrary to expectation.

Viking Moses has been finding very fair attention since 2004, thanks to Devendra Banhart's "Golden Apples..." compilation and good words, followed by a signing by Alan McGee (Creation Records founder, and manager of Oasis, Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Libertines, etc.) which has found Viking Moses high acclaim in UK and Europe, and kept them heavily active in that part of the world these past few years. ---


“THE PARTS THAT SHOWED” is the sophomore album release by the Viking Moses, recorded on the Oldham family farm in central Kentucky by Paul Oldham, featuring the talent of Spencer Kingman (of Spenking), John McCauley III (of Deer Tick), Cody Brant and Jacob Soto (of Flaspar) and Evelyn Weston on singing saw.

This is a unique story of a teenage part-time prostitute who spends her earnings buying ice cream for neighborhood children, and of the man who obsesses over her from afar, told from both angles, and spanning their lives. However, the approach of this story intends to transcend taboos and judgment to offer the listener a vast spectrum of the emotion and ideals of the characters, setting and circumstance.

This album was written with the dream that it might one day be sung by Dolly Parton, and so pays tribute to her work and inspiration.

"The Parts That Showed" was released on CD by Epiphysis, and on LP by Music Fellowship, and is now available for purchase.

If you're a vinyl nut, will have 2 different limited pressings of THE PARTS THAT SHOWED, 350 copies each, a pink vinyl edition, and a brown vinyl! and they'll have those ready for you early, too!

Viking Moses - Werewolves in the City


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