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The Jane
Artists of the Month - May 2010


These guys are another one of our favorite new bands who are making news. Totally by chance I was awake at 7am on 12/24 and happened to turn on the tv set on channel 45. Lo and behold there are the boys being intro'd to play a couple of songs. They truly rocked the news studio, starting out with an excellent keying of the "Charlie Brown" theme song then rolled into, (to my absolute delight and admiration), The Ramones' "I Don't Want to Fight Tonight". How freakin' cool is that? A bold choice of songs that would have never been considered for live tv by conformist bands. Rock on fellas.

The Jane started life as Hazey Jane back in the halcyon daze of the late 20th century. It has drifted through several configurations since then and included many talented players and writers who continue to add their influences to the mix.

"DELTA" by The Jane (the album)

The current line up represented on most of these recordings is:

Sean Fifer – Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Ryan Lawton – Bass
Russel Brooks – Lead Guitar
Denny Wedekind – Guitar/Vocals.

The music to Enemy of the State was written by one time bassist, another time lead guitarist Darren Boyer. A big shout out also to our engineer who turns all the dials for us…Hey Nate!

The Jane currently make their home at Sleepy Hollow Sound, where they are working on producing other MyRuralRadio artists’ music…maybe they can work with you too real soon. Enjoy! The Jane

Denny Wedekind :

Wedes - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Wedes has played guitar on, and fallen off of, bar stools all over Baltimore, Ohio, and Colorado.

Though not a schooled musician, he gets his musical ideas across to his collaborators with such oral imagery as "Play the chord thing that looks like your giving someone the finger, but with your pinky down here like this…". Wedes has been known on occasion to invite his evil twin Mitch on stage with him, who by the way says, sorry about that broken glass and that he had NO idea that chick was your sister
Sean Fifer :

"Fife", "Sugar" - Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals

Fife is a new dad who spends much of his time trying out new lyrics on his daughter. She seems to like the songs but wishes she could learn to say “breath mint”.

He can smash skins like Zeus chuckin' lightning bolts, then turn around and sing like a castrato angel on the next tune. Sean describes his hobbies as, gardening at night, picking out flooring and trying to think of a word that rhymes with silver.

Ryan Lawton:

Bass Guitar

Ryan Lawton is a wunderkind on bass guitar.

He springs forth from his underground jazz roots -literally - a.k.a. his parents' basement. He knows more about bad classic rock bar band songs than anyone in their early 30's should ever know.

When not setting the Invalid Bed Lift corporate world on fire, Ryan also enjoys chinchilla farming and raising his two wolverines…er we mean sons.

Russell Brooks:

Lead Guitar / Slide Guitar / Guitarssss

Russ is the “new kid” on the block. Actually he has been jamming with Fife since they were delinquents in high school together.

Russ is the resident gunslinger and brings the licks that give The Jane their classic Americana sound.

When not doing finger exercises, Russ enjoys picking out chapeaus and growing his magnificent sideburns.

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"My favorite SUMMER TIME song, EVER"
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