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October 11th, 2014 - at Naylor Winery, Stewartstown, PA.

Naylor Wine Cellars is located at:
4069 Vineyard Road
Stewartstown, PA 17363

GATES OPEN AT 10:30 am

Music from 11am - 11pm

Fireworks at 7pm

12+ bands, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Painting, Face Painting, Wine Tours, Wine Tastings, Food, FIREWORKS and MUCH MUCH MORE!

General Admission - $15.00
15 and under FREE

The MyRuralRadio.com Fall Music Festival is a charity event and proceeds generated go to the Eureka Volunteer Fire Department , Friendship Outreach International and the Mason Dixon Community Services Group.

Can't attend and would like to make a donation to our cause?

Thank you again, and see you October 11th, 2014 for FALL FEST SIX!

Matt Wheeler and Vintage Heart

"Thinking love is worth the fall/The damage healed, & truth is all that remains." - From "Avalanche"

Honest, thought-provoking lyrics & simple but poignant melodies characterize Matt Wheeler's songwriting. With live shows that feature a heartfelt delivery of songs mixed together with a dose of light-hearted humor, Matt's music is easy to like. It is because of all of this that Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart's songs have sparked the interest of WXPN, WJTL, The Andy & Patrick Show, Good Day PA, Around the Wood Stove, & numerous other media outlets.

Based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart are emerging with a brand of acoustic folk-rock that reflects faith, love, and what it means to be human. Drawing influences from the folk/singer-songwriter tradition such as James Taylor, Glen Hansard, and Iron & Wine, Matt's musical poetry can range from lilting and sweet to haunting and driving.

“Matt’s Strings EP caught my attention, especially the violin & cello on the song “Avalanche”. Now with the help of his fans he has released his debut album showcasing his warm sound & heartfelt lyrics. If you are a fan of Josh Ritter give a listen to Matt!”- Helen Leicht, WXPN Philadelphia


Slim Pickinz

Making hippies dance and moonshine disappear since 2010, Slim Pickinz brings a unique take to a classic genre. Their brand of “Electric Bluegrass” gives a heavy nod to outlaw and classic country as well as jam and a hint of rock n roll. They provide high-energy shows and strive to keep the audience involved through dancing, humor, and a travel bag of various percussive instruments. Quite the dynamic group, founding members Johnny Smooches on guitar, David Bell on the Banjo, and Cliff Tyler on the bass round out the current lineup. Striving far from the realm of Americana, Slim Pickinz aint your grand pappy’s bluegrass band but they’ll still make him get up and boogie!



Banjaw is a three man string band based out of York, Pa.

Members: Mikey Sallemi (upright bass/vox), Bob Kresslein (guitar/vox), Shane Haddaway(resonator/vox).

"Never without the stomp, Banjaw cooks up a pile of Americana Roots & blues-driven influence, throws a down-home twist on it, and dishes it out as the main course with a smile."


Stone Biskit

Stone Biskit is a band based out of York Pennsylvania that plays mostly blues based rock and roll. The band was started about 7 years ago by founding members Tom Runkle, Billy pope and Tom Kerns. There was an immediate vibe there and we knew something good was going to come from this lineup. Stone Biskit began playing some private partys and we got great responses. The band got gigs playing at Emersons Pub (now The Cove) and our following continued to grow.

Stone biskit plays originals and covers from the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Muddy Waters, Canned Heat, G Love and Special Sauce, Jimi Hendrix and more. Our bluesy rock sound has good audience appeal for listening or dancing.


The Plums

The Plums are an up and rising rock and roll band in York, Pa looking for a little "plumblicity" to get the word out! With their own original written and created music, The Plums are sure to catch your attention and keep it!



Mosno, The 3rd World Rocker, is an international singer/songwriter native of Sudan, he is known for his Desert Eclectic style of songs, which is a blend of Arab-poetic lyrics, with a pentatonic flavor of singing. He performs with an ensemble of his talented friends to further bridge the gab of East & West, & melt away stereotypes of both his Sudanese & American cultures.

His voice has been compared to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Richie Havens, & his songwriting has been compared to Sting.
By joining forces with international artists Sahffi, Marc Avon Evans, and global DJ N'Dinga Gaba, he has became an active member of the international electronic group t3N, who are now heard all over South Africa & Europe.


Set Free

"Set Free" is a bluegrass/bluegrass gospel group (band members are age 28 and younger) from Southern York County P.A. We started playing as a group in our early teens, and have been playing as "Set Free" for 6 to 7 years. When we first started playing, we primarily sang gospel songs, but have recently included some secular songs to our selection. We recorded our first album in January 2005. Our album includes traditional songs as well as 3 original songs written by Daniels father, Ray Stuber. Contact us for a free promotional copy of our CD. "Set Free" combines energetic musicianship with outstanding four part harmonies, to form a group you will be sure to enjoy. Set Free released their second CD, "Peace, Be Still" August, 2007. The third CD is still in the works and will hopefully be available in the summer of 2010.


Camela Widad

“Camela Widad (pronounced “KAM *ell*laa” “WIH*dod”), has battled some demons. Not the demons of drugs, abuse or self-loathing. Along her travels through musicianship she has had to determine whether to conform to the prosaic formula of the singer-songwriter or prominently display the middle finger of the washed-up “good-ol-days” rocker. Thankfully, she has chosen neither. Instead, she mixes the melancholy mystery of life’s endless questions with the joy and simple pleasure of answers when they are found. Her music allows the listener to experience a space in time where one gives up trying to uncover and live within the secret of happiness and embraces their sublime slice of singularity. Beware, demons of peace dwell there!” Colby Miller – PSU-Dickinson Law Student


Dylan Jane

One imagines that at some point very early on it became inevitable that she would come to this. You know where this is heading once you get in your head that image of a tiny girl, aged 8 or so, with a can of soup in her backpack and, slung over her shoulder, a “Hot Lixx” toy guitar by Tyco (the kind that requires pressing one of five big blue plastic buttons to make a squealing, high-pitched electronic noise). It’s late afternoon one summer day in South Florida; she huffs as she swings one leg over her bicycle and pushes the hair out of her eyes. She’s running away from home. She’s certain, defiant, and ready for whatever adventure she can summon.


VooDoo Pharmacology

Voodoo Pharmacology consists of six multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, working together to craft music of various genres, reflective of our own eclectic interests. The band plays everything from bluegrass to metal, jazz to psychedelia, soundscapes to world music, classical to blues, and cross pollinate along the way. It is our belief that this is indicative of a new time, in which innovations such as satellite radio and the ipod give more people greater access to different types of music. We ultimately hope to create as close to a full sensory experience as possible, utilizing light videos, animations, and theatrical elements during live performances.



Johnny Mainstream

One quality which seems to separate the great artists from the mainstream is their ability to succinctly tell us what we already know. That is to say, they can tell us how we feel. Listening to a Johnny Mainstream record is the equivalent of suddenly being privy to a great secret; suddenly, you have words to explain your own emotions and angst. And suddenly, you don't feel as alone anymore.

Johnny Mainstream is a five-piece Americana act out of Manchester, CT. Born in the Marist College dormitories of songwriter Matthew Maynes and bassist Dan Garaffa, Johnny Mainstream began writing honest folk songs inspired by Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, and Kevin Devine, but infused with the punk rock ideals on which each was raised.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/johnnymainstream


J3K is a rocking trio comprised of Sam Brewer, Michele Castellano, and John Kane. We play a range of music from funk, soul, reggae, blues.....anything you can dance to we'll play it! Come on out to a show and have a beer or two with us!


Foggy Hollow

The Foggy Hollow band started in 2010 when three of its members Rick Jones, Doug Kreiss and Steve Sadler got together for a private jam. There was interest in continuing these jams, so in typical bluegrass fashion a band was formed. No band is complete without a bass player, so Jim Thomas was asked if he would be interested in joining the effort. Once Jim came on board, things started to click. A different type of bluegrass band developed – one with material ranging from classic bluegrass to blues, country and rock.

So now we have a band with no name. After much discussion the name Foggy Hollow seemed to fit this group. In the 60’s and 70’s there was a local band – Oddie Jones and the Foggy Hollow Boys that played in the Maryland, Southern PA area. There is a connection with the old Foggy Hollow Boys and the new Foggy Hollow. Jim Thomas played bass for Oddie in the late 60’s – early 70’s and Rick Jones, Oddie’s brother played banjo for him in the 70’s and 80’s. The original Foggy Hollow Boys had such talented local musicians as Tommy Neal, Chris Warner, John Streett, Jim Finn, Donald Jones, Carrol Swam and of course Jim and Rick. So the name was shortened to Foggy Hollow for this new band as a tribute to the original Foggy Hollow Boys.

The four piece band realized they needed a fiddle player. For a while it was fiddle player by committee, but those fiddle players really didn’t seem to fit the Foggy Hollow style. Then Martha McEvoy joined the group in 2012, and it all came together. Foggy Hollow had the fiddler they were looking for.

Current members include Doug Kreiss on mandolin, Steve Sadler on guitar, Martha McEvoy on fiddle, Jim Thomas on bass, and Rick Jones on banjo. We hope you enjoy our traditional – not so traditional style of bluegrass.


Eliza Doering and the Penny Black
Featured Artist. December 2013

Born above a waterfront bar in Baltimore, and raised in the country, Eliza Doering has been called a “gypsy queen.” She grew up listening to bar room blues and attending barn dances. After two years at Berklee College of Music, Eliza is now pursuing her career writing songs and performing her original material at various clubs and coffeehouses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York.

For the Artist's Feature Page, please go to:


American Hollar

American Hollar is an Alternative Country, Roots, Rock, Americana band who plays original music and old favorites as well as songs you may have heard but in their own style.


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Sponsored in part by The Cove

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VIP AREA sponsored by Penn Brewery and Drew Thebeerguy :)

Photos by Erika Banks and EBanks Photography

My, My, My Rural Radio Fall Music Festival III (last years festival in review) by Sam Campbell of Gigspots.com for TriState Indie

It sounded like a great idea: a music festival at a winery. Featuring 19 bands for $15, it was a bargain and all proceeds would benefit The Children’s Miracle Network. Fall Music Festival 3 turned out to be beyond great and a bargain at any price. Clear your October 2012 calendar in preparation for Fall Music Festival 4, hosted again by MyRuralRadio.com!

My Rural Radio Fall Music Fest is a family affair. Owners Michael Males and Trampas Ferree are relatives with a common love for music, community and good times. MRR.com was born when they tired of hearing the same old songs on commercial radio and seeing the same old cover bands at local clubs. As part-time touring musicians and fans of York’s bustling open-mic scene, they knew that the plethora of local talent was making great music and being marginalized. My Rural Radio.com plays original, unsigned, independent musicians in every genre. You would be grievously mistaken if you think MRR is for country or folk artists alone and this year’s festival proved it.

The festival opened with the national anthem, sung by SWHS student Morgan La Fave. Morgan performed admirably on stage 3 later, but she cleared stage 1 to make room for The Infidels. Yes, The Infidels, a punk rock band with metal tendencies was the opening act at My Rural Radio’s festival! Other acts included pop, funk and rock bands. What the show did not include was boring, typical songs played by people with all the trappings of a musician but not the soul.


Jessica Smucker at FALL FEST III - Photo by TriState Indie

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