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Andrea Davidson
April 2014 Featured Artist


Andrea Davidson’s sound crosses the line between the arresting vocals of Patty Griffin and the funky and sensual musical backdrop of Bill Withers. She combines loops of vocals, guitar, and percussion to create a live performance that is sweetly stunning. Her songs are passionate, honest, and hopeful.

She does not write to fit a genre. Her creative process consists of tuning into herself and the moment, which allows the freedom of many different types of expression to emerge.

Andrea utilizes her musical career to assist in the co- creation of a better world. She deeply believes in the interconnectedness of all things. She has an unshakable faith in the power of humanity to heal itself, mother earth, and all life on this planet. Andrea emanates a profound sense of gratitude on stage. Her musical presence infuses a breath of positiveness and hope into those who attend her live performances. Andrea aspires to be a constant reminder that our life is our art.

An Andrea Davidson song, once heard, will be stuck in your head while you’re lying in bed. Come wired or tired, she promises you will leave inspired


Jess Klein - MyRuralRadio.com Featured Artist, July 2014


Jess Klein says of her new album Learning Faith. “It’s edgy and brutal, but it was inspired by a genuine love for this world.”

Over a career that spans more than a decade and a half and has won her a devoted worldwide fan base, Klein—who possesses what Mojo magazine calls “one of those voices you want to crawl up close to the speakers to listen to” and a knack for writing songs that the Cape Cod Times has described as “fully realized, finely observed and deeply felt”—has pursued a remarkable creative evolution that’s seen her dig ever deeper for resonant emotional insights, while continuing to refine her eloquently melodic, effortlessly accessible songcraft. As the New York Times noted, Klein is an artist who “has country roots, but who pushes her songs toward philosophical thoughts.”

Learning Faith —which marks Klein’s third collaboration with veteran producer Mark “Professor Feathers” Addison—boasts ten personally-charged new originals that rank with her most compelling and illuminating work. Such bracing tunes as “Surrender,” “So Fucking Cool,” “Wish,” “Long Way Down” and “If There’s A God” (which she was inspired to write after protesting in support of State Senator Wendy Davis’ pro-choice 2013 filibuster at the Texas state capitol building) embody the complementary mix of personal fearlessness and musical craftsmanship that define Klein’s music.

“It felt a little different this time,” the artist notes. “It was the first time that I ever went into a record really feeling that I’d paid my dues, and that now I’m just gonna do and say whatever I want. I finally feel like I really don’t care what anybody thinks. That felt huge, and it felt really empowering. I felt comfortable going as dark as I could, and not feeling like I had to pull back from that.

“It’s also the first time I’ve started a record with a concept and tried to follow it through,” she explains. “After I wrote the song ‘Learning Faith,’ that started me thinking about writing a whole album of songs about the process of developing faith—faith in people, faith in the universe, faith in a higher power.


Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead's debut album, The River Grace, received a fantastic response from music critics and peaked at No. 8 on the U.S. Folk Radio playlist in 2008. Last year, the album received excellent reviews in the UK and Europe based upon its European release. In 2010, Jenee released the EP Hollow Bones featuring a host of her musician friends including David Wax of the David Wax Museum. Jenee is currently finishing her second full-length album Raised by Wolves with Producer Evan Brubaker.

"Warm and personal, her Emmylou Harris-like voice beckons the listener into the country folk songs with an invitingly crooked finger."

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Eliza Doering and the Penny Black
Featured Artist. December 2013

Born above a waterfront bar in Baltimore, and raised in the country, Eliza Doering has been called a “gypsy queen.” She grew up listening to bar room blues and attending barn dances. After two years at Berklee College of Music, Eliza is now pursuing her career writing songs and performing her original material at various clubs and coffeehouses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York.

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Kayla Kroh

Kayla Kroh began taking voice and guitar lessons from local educator and performer Heather Sneeringer in August of 2010. These lessons sparked a fire that led Kayla to attempt writing her own songs. With the help of producers Bobby Gentilo and Jason Hoffheins, she got in the studio and brought the songs to life. The result is her first E.P. release entitled "On Your Own". This five song effort combines her songwriting and singing abilities with a talented group of seasoned musicians to create a mature and polished product that belies her young age.

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Hayley Sabella
Featured Artist. July 2013

Hayley Sabella is a singer-songwriter / local farmer / earnest truth-seeker / independent woman / dork, who originally did her thing in her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts and is now doing her thing in other places, too. Her first EP was released in December 2012. It was called Farm Fingers, and it showcased her warm, urgent style and graced a variety of venues over the past half-year.

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Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society
Featured Artist, June 2013

Led by the accomplished pianist, trumpeter and singer, Drew Nugent, the band has been together for almost five years now. It has made quite a name for itself on the East Coast as one of the leading ensembles in the jazz vein for traditional, or HOT, jazz. This is what one could call the original jazz music. It lasted in popularity from roughly 1897- 1935 and was sadly thrown by the wayside in the wake of the swing music surge. The height of this musical phenomenon took place in the 1920s. The Jazz Age. For decades this music lie dormant, but here, almost 100 years later, Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society play these tunes as if they were written yesterday. Some even were! That's because Drew Nugent himself, is a song writer in this style of music, and from time to time you will catch him and the boys playing one of Nugent's own works.

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Toy Soldiers
Featured Artists, May 2013

Toy Soldiers is a lively, hard-working bunch who spent most of the last year playing 120+ shows across the east coast and southern U.S. tearing through everything from tiny dive bars to festival stages to theaters with a brand of soulful rock n' roll music that takes it's roots, puts it in a blender and pours out that good old feeling made for today. They just completed their second full-length studio album, “The Maybe Boys” with producer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) looking to be released in spring 2013. They made appearances at Rachael Ray’s House Party at SXSW in 2012, CMJ, XPoNential Music Festival and have shared the stage with notable acts such as Dr. Dog, The Felice Brothers, The Walkmen, Fitz and the Tantrums, Jonny Corndawg, J. Roddy Walston and The Business and many more. USA Today called Toy Soldiers the “Top Band to Watch in 2013”.
From it's beginning as a duo started by Ron Gallo in 2007, to it's era of fluctuating cast of players and it's eventual growth into a solid 5-piece band consisting of Gallo (lead vocals, guitar), Dominic Billett (drums), Bill McCloskey (bass), Matt Kelly (guitar), and Luke Leidy (keys), Toy Soldiers love a good song and dance with no pretense and no wall between the band and audience (literally, as members often times end up in the crowd).

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The Mallett Brothers Band
Featured Artists, August 2013

Country-alt-rock band from Portland, ME. 6 pieces. Best Local Act, Live Act, Album, Roots Act, & Best Song 'Low Down' in Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll, 2012. Best Local Act, Live Act, Local Album in the Phoenix Best Music Poll, 2011. Top selling new local artist in Maine, 2010. Featured in No Depression, Glide Magazine, Dispatch Magazine, Connecticut Day, Deli Magazine, Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News, Americana Rock Mix, and numerous press, TV, radio online media across the country. On tour now.ists include some traditionals and folk standards, and that old-timey influence can be heard in many of the group’s original tunes.

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Robert Earl Keen

“I would love to have been one of the great singers in the world -- like Vince Gill or someone like that -- even if it was just for one hour,” says Robert Earl Keen. “But I really feel like my gift is writing songs. That’s just there and it’s always been there. I don’t know why, but I always have stories -- they don’t all have to be true, just good. If I could put a subtitle on my best songs, it would be ‘based on a good story.’”


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Dr. Slothclaw

The self proclaimed “Experimental Funk” band Dr. Slothclaw is a full frontal assault on the senses. Their live performances are packed full of energy, improv, and a constant groove that brings listeners to their feet, and leaves them begging for more. From their funky, psychedelic jams, to their Frank Zappa inspired songs, Dr. Slothclaw has been gaining attention from fans and promoters alike in the Tri-state Area of Southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. In February 2012, Dr. Slothclaw won the Tri-State Indie Jam Band of the Year Award. Enormous bass riffs, shrieking guitars, and non-stop drums mingle with humorous lyrics and high energy performances, making a night with Dr. Slothclaw a night to remember. Keep an eye out for their debut album "What's the Buzzing Noise?" releasing May, 5 2012.

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Dylan Jane
Featured Artist, October 2013

One imagines that at some point very early on it became inevitable that she would come to this. You know where this is heading once you get in your head that image of a tiny girl, aged 8 or so, with a can of soup in her backpack and, slung over her shoulder, a “Hot Lixx” toy guitar by Tyco (the kind that requires pressing one of five big blue plastic buttons to make a squealing, high-pitched electronic noise). It’s late afternoon one summer day in South Florida; she huffs as she swings one leg over her bicycle and pushes the hair out of her eyes. She’s running away from home. She’s certain, defiant, and ready for whatever adventure she can summon.

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The Substance

In 2011 a few friends who love to create positive vibes thru music became The Substance. Their music bleeds emotion, blending just the right amount of rock into there unique reggae sound to keep you moving. They've been steady on their grind in the studio and will soon be releasing their début EP. They have played many venues and bars throughout PA, MD, NJ, FL SC. These guys have shared the stage with bands like Iration, The Expendables, Ballyhoo, Echo Movement, Yellow Dubmarine, Badfish, and more! Set on having a good time and playing music, The Substance is highly addictive.

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Annalise Emerick

On “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart,” one of the brightly optimistic tracks on Annalise Emerick’s highly acclaimed debut EP, Starry-Eyed, the Boston based singer-songwriter engages a few bars from “Auld Lang Syne” in a tale about spending the perfect New Year’s Eve among longtime friends whose encouragement and support never fails. Since moving to New England in late summer 2011, Emerick has made countless more never-fail friends and fans thanks to whirlwind slate of live performances and the immediate success of her seven track collection, which debuted on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart at #9 its first day. The collection prompted an outpouring of attention from the national blog scene and a spotlight on CD Baby’s Music Discovery Podcast, which assured its listeners: “Fans of Ingrid Michaelson will feel right at home.” Reviewing the EP for The Deli, a website “all about the New England bands,” Sarah Ruggiero captured the arc of Emerick’s story perfectly: “The album follows the story of a young woman who learns to stand her own ground and rely on herself, but without sounding jaded… In the beginning, she admits she was “starry-eyed and full of hope,” but when she gets her heart broken, she knows better than to let others get the best of her…With its innocent and thoughtful lyricism, Starry-Eyed focuses some of its attention on looking back...But more importantly, the core of the album is about moving forward.”

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Brittany Opperman
Featured Artist, May 2012
Many singer/songwriters quest for fame and fortune so dominates their reasoning that lost in the pursuit, is the music itself. Brittany Opperman, a talented young artist from Gettysburg, PA is so grounded by love of GOD, family, and country that composing and performing is as natural as inhaling and exhaling.

Her first public performance was a duet with her Mamaw singing “Born Again” as a three-year old at a barn revival. Her family, it turns out is rich in talent including a great uncle that performed at The Grand Ole Opry and a second cousin with a production company in Denver.

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